Marketing Solutions for your Online Audience

At Bleck Consulting LLC, we represent your business online via social media, business writing & digital marketing. Call Patricia to learn more: 224-628-0199.

Looking for a dynamic way to engage with your audience? Want to inform customers about your products, services, and events? Ready to expand your client base? Searching for customer feedback? Need a real-time customer service channel? Want to demonstrate your thought-leadership in your industry? Online marketing can improve every aspect of your business.

Services – Leveraging Technology to meet your Business Goals

Our services include managing and monitoring your sites, creating written & visual content, engaging with your audience, and providing business insights.

  • Social media strategy, management, monitoring, and engagement
  • Content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Alignable, Houzz and more
  • Online customer service for brands
  • Business blogging
  • Website content

Process – Spreading the Word about your Business

Each business is unique. Our process is designed to suit each individual business and to meet their unique needs and goals.

Focusing Strategy on your Success

  1. Client Profile – We begin by understanding your business and industry, products and services, audience, marketing goals, and your challenges.
  2. Online Asset Evaluation – Existing online assets are evaluated for appropriateness and completeness.
  3. Strategy – A marketing plan is developed with your input.

Creating Compelling Visual & Written Content

  1. Content Development – Based on the approved marketing plan, we develop draft content for your social media, website, and blog. The content is intended to be shareable; fun, informative, or helpful. We use content that drives traffic back to your website or blog. Our content serves to establish you as a thought-leader in your industry.
  2. Client Review – You have the opportunity to review and edit the proposed content.
  3. Content Finalized – The approved content is scheduled for best results.

Engaging with your Audience on Social Media

  1. Monitoring – Your live content is monitored for engagement.
  2. Engagement – We respond to comments, questions, and interactions. In responding, we coordinate with you, your technical rep, or your marketing department as needed.
  3. Interaction – We listen to conversations and reach out to your key customers, clients, and associates on social media.
  4. Insights – Insights from online conversations & news feeds are shared with you.

On social media, our goal is to encourage engagement and respond to your audience. This is done in a way that builds relationships and benefits your reputation, brand image & bottom-line. We are in touch with you on a weekly, if not daily basis. Our conversations and news feed content are also shared with you to provide valuable business insights.

Call Patricia to learn more about how we support your business or marketing department: 224-628-0199.

Benefits of Social Media for Business

Meeting people and getting word-of-mouth recommendations is a powerful way to grow your business. Using social media, your business can benefit from connecting with others online; participating in conversations, developing relationships, and sharing your company products and services. Social media enhances and grows the quality & value of your business.

  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Builds awareness of your company
  • Establishes you as a thought-leader in your industry
  • Provides business intelligence
  • Builds relationships and brand advocates
  • Drives sales and referrals
  • Supports customers with real-time response
  • Develops links to partners, customers, and clients

Please contact us to discuss your social media marketing and blogging needs.