New Year’s Resolution: Enjoy the snow!

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet?

It feels like we’ve been digging out of the snow for days now, both at the office and at home. Luckily, I love the snow, especially the fluffy kind that’s fun on the slopes of ski and sledding hills. Our kids have been home over the holidays, so we went skiing at Alpine Valley and sledding at the Mundelein snow hill. We had so much fun together!

Typically, I get caught up in all the many activities of my lifeas mom, wife, daughter, and business owner. Like most marketers, my work life is spent very much online with social media and digital marketing. I forget to get outside to enjoy the snow, sun, and fresh air. But no more! My New Year’s resolution is to disconnect and take a few moments EVERY DAY to enjoy nature.

My husband Bob had the foresight to purchase a beast of a snow blower at our local ACE Hardware before the first snowflakes flew. This morning he had to be out early, so I decided to give the snow blower a whirl. Within 15 minutes the driveway and sidewalks were cleared. My neighbor Brad congratulated me on the new snow blower “Nice toy!” But I kind of missed the exercise from shoveling and the profound silence of the snow fall.

Next time it snows (tomorrow) I will leave the snow blowing to my husband and dig in with my old-school shovel. And I will make a snow angel with my kids and bring a handful of snow inside to share with my mom. What will you enjoy this new year?


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