Improve your Conversion Rate Using Social Media

Brands can make great progress in improving their visibility, relationships, and conversion rate via social media. But brands can also hurt their image by making some common mistakes. Is your brand making big mistakes on social media? You can avoid common mistakes, build a successful social media presence, and improve your conversion rate by considering these helpful tips.

5 Tips for Improving your Conversion Rate


Tip #1 Be Helpful

Be helpful to your audience. People are online to find content that’s helpful to them. They may be looking for an answer to their question or simply taking a break in their work day. You have to provide content that is interesting, helpful, or fun – to them. Provide helpful links to related content that extends the usefulness of your posts and improves your conversion rate.

Tip #2 Be Yourself

Be yourself and be genuine in your interactions. Don’t talk about your own products or services all the time. Find a happy medium between content that promotes your company and content that talks about others, but establishes you as a thought-leader. Audiences tune out companies who seem to be in it for themselves. Similar to in-person relationships, online relationships require give-and-take. Be human, genuine, and transparent in your communications. Stick to your core business and post a variety of content that reinforces your brand. Include helpful content from others in your industry to demonstrate thought leadership.  And don’t be afraid to share a little about the people and place behind your brand.

Tip #3 Be Consistent

Make a commitment to maintaining a consistent presence on social media. You expect regular contact with the people who are important to you. You expect them to actively listen and reply accordingly. It’s no different online. Set up a schedule for posting content and stick to it. Monitor your sites and those of your contacts so you don’t miss out on important conversations. Respond promptly in a genuine way without canned jargon.

Tip #4 Be Strategic & Realistic

Be strategic in your social media plan and be realistic about what you can accomplish within your budget. Don’t waste your time hanging out in the wrong neighborhood. Spend your time and resources in the places where your audience is hanging out. For example, if your audience is looking for home design ideas on Houzz, by all means invest your time and energy on that platform. Be realistic about the number of sites you can actively monitor and maintain – don’t spread yourself too thin. Companies with limited means may want to start with one social media profile. Later, they can add others, as time and funds allow.

Tip #5 Be Active

Be active on social media. There’s really no way to do social media right if you are not spending the time there. It is social, after all. Focus on quality, not quantity. In your personal life, you want engaged friends who care about you. It’s no different on social media. Build your social media audience with engaged followers who interact with your brand. Cultivate people who are invested in your company and may even become brand advocates.

A Final Reminder

Continue to refresh your owned website content. Use social media to drive traffic back to your website, blog or other helpful content to improve your conversion rate. You’re in business for the long-haul – put yourself in the best position for improving your conversion rate by utilizing the power of social media to grow your brand.

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