Social Media & Digital Marketing Solutions


Bleck Consulting LLC provides strategic social media and digital marketing solutions.

  • Delivering Exceptional Digital Communications Projects
  • Growing Your Online Presence
  • Spreading the Word about Your Business Online
  • Leveraging Technology to Achieve Business Goals
  • Creating Compelling Written & Visual Digital Content
  • Focusing Marketing Strategy on Your Success

We support companies by positively and responsibly representing your business brand online. Our goal is to build online brand awareness, quality and value and to move stakeholders to connect and take action.

Your business communications goals are supported by coordinated online campaign representation to reach and grow your target audience. Our firm focuses on social media marketing, business writing and blogging, and digital marketing.

  • We build online environments and actively engage with audiences on digital platforms including websites and social media sites.
  • We write and design custom content for websites and social media sites, email campaigns,¬† presentations, reports, blogs, infographics, and videos.
  • We lead digital communications projects, leveraging technical and creative assets to achieve your goals. Team members may include professional graphic designers, language translators, market researchers, website developers, videographers, technical specialists, and others as needed.

Please contact us to discuss your social media & digital marketing needs. We’d love to learn about your business goals. Let us share with you the impactful solutions we offer in support of your brand.

Our Mission:

To Represent Brands Online, Providing Exceptional Social Media & Digital Marketing Solutions.